Balneario De Archena

The Hotel

Archena is an Icon of Murcia which, since the first century, is proud of the Huerta (orchard)and all the more of its´ water, and thus the Balneario de Archena on the fast Segura banks in the beginning of the Ricote valley, is a National reference to the cult of healthy body and good living. The main part of the complex, which resembles a village, has an old and noble air, what catches the eye is the modern area, Termalium, an avant-guard water universe, a leisure world which through its´ windows shows us the dry inland countryside of Murcia. The fertile soil was washed away downstream to the Huerta, leaving a beautiful desert. And the river. And an outdoor swimming pool which creates a contrast with its’ sky blue water and the surrounding clay colour. And so we spend the day between a copious breakfast and the morning newspapers, a water session, a walk along the bank, a lunch with fresh vegetables, a historic afternoon on the terrace of the Termas Hotel, a building with Mozarabic reminiscence in the shade of palm trees. Definitely worship to the body…..and the mind.


The whole of the Balneario is convenient for wheel chairs and there are various rooms with adapted bathrooms. Basic Brail elements in the Hotel (door signalling in relief and Brail, indications of “please do the room” “I want to rest”, etc...

What to do?

Although it is not necessary to leave the hotel to enjoy multiple activities, we suggest a tour through the beautiful Ricote valley,  which Archena is the head of. And a visit to the old part of Murcia, with its´ cathedral as most outstanding land mark. Other nearby visitable places, are the Fuensanta Sanctuary on the outskirts of Murcia, or the Sierra de Espuña (Espuña mountain range) 40 minutes away from the hotel. In the Balneario we  can make use of  the whole thermal complex, maintenance gym, aqua gym, recreation areas and walks though the agreeable Balneario and Segura bank complex.
 Places To Visit
The Ricote valley is a special site, a fertile valley irrigated by the Segura River, in which the landscape of orange and lemon groves and the palm trees around the big stately houses painted in bright colours, sometimes blue sometimes dark red.  
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The Mediterranean style restaurant in the Termas Hotel, offers a complete daily menu with 4 options. They brag on having some of the best vegetables from the Murcia vegetable gardens. In the Balneario the are also the Terraza and Termalium restaurants, with international and regional ciuisine- Murcian salads, zarangollo..... The average price per person is around 24€, without wine.
 Typical Products
Yecla and Jumilla wines, ceramic and basketry artisanship.

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