Who we are

We are a group of journalists, engineers and professionals of tourism specialized in promoting accessible tourism in various countries, willing to ensure that we all have equal access to the enjoyment of our favourite hotels. This website is accessible to millions of people, who because of physical or sensorial reasons do not have the possibility of accessing conventional websites.

Our philosophy

Destinations for all
During her pregnancy, your mother chose to stay at Hotels with no stairs. Hotels equipped with stairs pay higher insurance policies than their stainless counterparts. They make clients sweat with their luggage. The client may even trip on the stairs and end their stay (with negative recollections). Nevertheless when we talk about accessibility in hotels people only think of wheelchairs.
Ask your grandmother how many steps she is willing to climb, three times a day, to get to the restaurant. Complicating clients stays is not intelligent. We like intelligent hotels, those who avoid “coffee for all” and diversify their services.

Showers use much less water than baths, it is much less likely to slip dramatically in them and they are more accessible to less agile clients. One even sings easier in them.

There are 400 million people who cannot use a computer, who cannot surf internet easily and only one in a thousand web sites are accessible. How can these people choose like you and I their holiday destination, which is the first step when choosing a hotel?

NATIVE introduces these and other parameters in its work philosophy. You can use this web even though you may not be able to see the screen, touch the key board or speak to the computer. because even though you may not be able to see, touch or speak you can browse the internet by blowing into the microphone. This is not magic, it is technology for the people who need it and it is time to make use of it.
Welcome everyone.



Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2017

Finalist of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2017 for Innovation of the World Travel & Tourism Council. Bangkok.



Finalist of the the TELEFÓNICA OPEN FUTURE 2014


Silver Winner of the WORLD RESPONSIBLE TOURISM AWARDS 2014 of the World Travel Market.
(Pastilla Premio Londres 2014 WTM_Maquetaci363n 1)


Global Symposium of Sustainable Tourism, UNEP-The Global Partner For Sustainable Tourism. International Award for Responsible Tourism in the Social Sphere. Agadir (Marruecos), February 2014.
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Finalist of the II PREMIOS CORRESPONSABLES of the Corresponsables Foundation. ESADE Barcelona, November 2011.
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Premio EMPODERA 2011

PREMIO EMPODERA 2011 for the best initiative of technologies for society. Malaga (Spain), June 2011.
Cartel Premios Empodera 2011


Our references in each European country are the most important social entities in universal accessibility, who give us technical, legal and material advice to improve the hotel adaptation.
They help with their advice, their work or their public.