Las Caldas Villa Termal

The Hotel

Las Caldas Villa Termal has been, for many centuries, a reference of enjoyment of its waters and also an architectural museum as well as one of vanguard and classical atmospheres. It is a unique example of XVIIth to XXIth century health resort architecture. We are a step away from the Cantabrian Sea, on the outskirts of Oviedo. The Gran Hotel is both palatial and contemporary and both fit in perfectly.
The Hotel Enclave reproduces an urban atmosphere in the middle of nature; its rooms overlook the peace of the valley. A favourite spot of the complex is the Salon de los Espejos (hall of mirrors), an emblematic space in the Gran Hotel, from 1902, totally restored and which keeps the original floors, lamps, doors and mirrors of the period, intact. This is now the breakfast room, and it is a privilege to begin ones day there.
The thermal complex includes all the installations one can imagine. The Balneario Real -Centro Termal El Manantial- is a universe of waters in all its states.


The Gran Hotel has 2 rooms with bathrooms adapted to wheelchair and the Hotel Enclave has another 2. The noble areas, Aquaxana Spa and Sport Centre also have adapted accesses. Signage in Braille around the hotel by Puntodis-NATIVE, also in the room, if the client has asked for it when making the reservation. Door hangings also in Braille.

What to do?

As well as all the ones concerning the Spa one can go hiking on the Senda del Oso, personalized routes, climb the Angliru on bicycle, visits to the Cueva de la Lluera and routes on horseback.
 Places To Visit
Pre-Romanesque route, Covadonga, Picos de Europa, Gijón, historic centre of Oviedo and the Fontán market.
- Asturias. Guía Viva. Anaya Touring, 2012. Various authors. 16€
- Asturias 2012. Escapadas. Ed. Aguilar. Paco Nadal. 10€
- Picos de Europa desde el aire. Desnivel, 2004. D. serrano y D. Rodríguez. 32€


The Viator restaurant offers author cooking, with old and new flavours, closely linked with the landscape we are in. For example: grouper in a pistachio crust and its own toasted sauce. The kitchen has its own baker.
 Typical Products
Cheese, beans (White beans specialty of Asturias), cold cuts and typical pastries such as the Oviedo Carballones.

Get directions 

By urban bus Nº 3 from Oviedo
8 km to the center of Oviedo
Madrid: 447km
San Sebastián: 381km
Valladolid: 256km