Villa Fiorita

The Hotel

Villa Fiorita, o was built on an inland estate of coastal Giulianova at the beginning of the XIXth century it is a sumptuous and sober building as corresponds to the rural country houses of the time. Since the year 2000, the Olivieri family has turned this estate into a favourite space which enables us to enjoy the Adriatic whenever we choose to do so. The shore is only fifteen minute walk away. The estates main buildings occupy the hill outside the village and surrounded by open gardens with a few tall pine trees. The buildings original features are intact. The dining room has a beautiful brick canon dome and the ceilings maintain their wooden beams and the facades flaunt traditional wooden windows where we can see cotton curtains and behind us the gardens the swimming pool and the chapel. The compound has 37 romantic rooms very close to the liveliest Adriatic beaches.


The hotel has a large room with an adapted bathroom available and access to all the facilities is barrier-less, comfortable for a wheel chair. Signage in braille and relief available for blind people or those who have limited vision. There are facilities for the access into the sea for disabled people, on the Grand Hotel Don Juan. Should you require an adapted room please say so when you make your reservation.

What to do?

Stolls to the seashore, bycicles, horseback riding, golf, spa treatments.
 Places To Visit
San Flaviano Duomo. Exquisite Renaissance building. XVIth century Santa Maria di Mar Sactuary. Santa Maria di Mar church X-XIth century The regions capital L´Aquila, with its D´Abruzzo National Museum. Teramo, Abruzzos nature park, Sulmona and its Museo Cívico. Picturesque villages such as Loreto Aprutino, Penne and Lanciano.
- The road to the city. Natalia Ginzburg. Henry Holt and Company. 1990. 32€. - The Duke of the Abruzzi An Explorer's Life by Michael Shandrick & Mirella Tenderini. The Mountaineers Books. 1997. 12€.


The hotel offers an extensive international “a la carte” menú. The very complete breakfast includes diet and gluten free foods.
 Typical Products
Montepilciano and Trebbiano d´Abruzzo wines, cheese, tradicional pasta, cold cuts, preserves or dried wild mushrooms. Sulmona pasties. Castelli ceramics. Taranta Peligna blankets. Copper bowls. In the Teramo area, leather craftsmanship like bags and belts. Typical l´Alquila saddles and riding whips.

Get directions 

From Rome 196 km From Naples 307 km From Giulianova Lido-Piazzale Roma train station, to the hotel by Taxi 15€, 4 km away. By public transport, bus every 45 minutes, via Teramo or Mosciano Sant´Angelo.