Saiaz Getaria

The Hotel

Saiaz Getaria was a tower house on this coastal rise, built with a pickaxe in the XV century, in Gothic style, over a cliff. To feel like a warrior over the bastion, defending Getaria from medieval invasions, all you have to do is look out of any window. Today Getaria is only invaded by waves when the sea is strong and by tourists looking for “pintxos” in the old part of the village. We are in a cosy hotel, with classical decoration, thick stone walls and large windows overlooking the sea and a quiet pavestone street called San Roque-Roke Deuna-. From the drawing room, with a fire place, we can contemplate that marine scenery of the Gaztetape beach, which like the log fire attracts our attention during long relaxing moments of spare time.  Silence is probably the best sound of Saiaz Getaria.


Because of the structure of the building, it is not wheel chair accessible, but the hotel has signage in Brail and relief, it is small and quiet. Should you need a room adapted to low vision or blindness please point it out when you make your reservation.

What to do?

Walks along the beach, water sports, body board and surf.
 Places To Visit
Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum ,in Getaria (, Ekain cave, in Zestoa. The arqueological complex of Santa María La Real  in Zarautz. Museo del Mar in Biarritz. And so much to see in San Sebastián.
- Catálogo del Museo Balenciaga. Nerea, 2011. Varios autores. 60€. - San Sebastián. Guiarama 2011. Anaya Touring, 2011. Varios autores. 10€ - Cuentos y leyendas del País Vasco. Anaya Touring, 2011. Seve Calleja. 8€


The hotel is small and does not have its own restaurant, but is surrounded by splendid Basque restaurants.  
 Typical Products
Txacolí from Getaria, traditional preserves, natural cider.

Get directions 

By car, 25 minutes from San Sebastián. By bus, 30 minutes from San Sebastián.