Posada de Amonaria

The Hotel

We find ourselves in Amonaria, what used to be Juan´s grandmothers house, a simple hotel strictly loyal to the style of   houses in Extremadura, with its patio with a palm tree, its rooms on the top floor with slanted ceilings, the room with large earthenware oil jars……and loyal to the new times, with a splendid ball room. This is because Juan and Cruz are dance teachers, and this gives the Inn a festive ambience in every lesson we take with them, a fun and sensorial experience. As Juan is an astronomy physics teacher the house has a telescope, and in the evenings we are invited to discover the sea of stars. The sky in Cáceres is clear and the observation very acceptable.
No other luxuries but silence and the sound of the sparrows and thrushes on the palm tree should be sought out at the Inn, crackle of the fire place, the breakfasts with local wood baked bread and pastries. The Inn is a big village house between the valleys of the Jerte, La Vera and the Ambroz, which is saying a priviledge.


Nearly the whole hotel, is on the ground floor, easy for moving around although it does not have an adapted room. Relief signs on the doors of the rooms and the communal bathrooms since March 2011.

What to do?

In the hotel the ball dancing we have already mentioned with Juan and Cruz as professors, and star gazing. In Plasencia, five minutes from the Hotel, our hosts have their own dance school, Plantagenet. Plasencia, with its two cathedrals and an old part of town full of churches and historic emplacements, is a very agreeable town to stroll about in. The Hotel organises outings to the Monfragüe National Park with Alvaro, an expert local guide.
 Places To Visit
Plasencia, its historic quarter and its cathedrals New and Old. The Jerte valley opening onto Plasencia. In April the cherry trees blossom. At the top of the valley, the Natural Park of the “Garganta de los Infiernos”. And in the Jerte village, with its river beach, a very agreeable site, especially to go to with children. 20 minutes away from Plasencia, through the Ambroz valley, we arrive in Hervás, with the most famous ghetto In Spain.


Only breakfasts are served at the Inn.
 Typical Products
Jerte cherrie from June to September. Cherry liquor. Traditional pastries.  The classic artisanship’s of Plasencia and its region are the work done in cork and leather, as well as the forge and carving and harness making. On Tuesdays in the market one can buy handicrafts at good prices.

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