Hotel Termal Burgo De Osma

The Hotel

On the highlands of the reconquest, to the south of the river Lobos and on the banks of the Ucero river, it is aprivelege to cross the threshold of this  historic  university of Santa Catalina. The Plateresque facade gives way to a renaissance patio, and once indoors we are surrounded by stone walls and avant guard furniture. For various reasons this is a universal space, because it is a historical legacy and because we all like quality like the thermal waters and the spirit of the house is a stake for barrier less. The hotel itself. The restaurant and the thermal area fulfil the expectation. The visible respect for the building makes surprising what is found below the renaissance patio floor, a spa comprised of two floors, 1500 m2 of thermal swimming pools, contrast circuits and treatment area.
We are in an authentic spa, as we can enjoy de medicinal mineral waters discovered precisely where the patio stands, or we could suppose the enclave looked for the previous existence of a well on this neighbouring plain of ditches and river.
The Hotel social life revolves around the patios great glassed inn dome, a modern and grand space.  Like the rooms which combine masonry with contemporary furnishings. A stroll from the hotel to the old part of Osma is a must, and we are ready for a moment of happiness in the waters and a very special dinner.
THE THERMAL CENTRE. The oligometalic, calcic bicarbonated, hypothermal and waters with low mineral content. Soothing, pain relieving and diuretic effects. Indicated for stress, rheumatology, weight loss, rejuvenating and preventive and protective effects of cardiovascular risk factors. It offers thermal swimming pools, massages, wrappings, water jets, jacuzzy, sauna, Scottish showers, Turkish baths and rest areas.


The hotel is barrier less in order to accommodate wheel chairs, it has two adapted bedrooms and an adapted public bathroom. It also has brail signalling in many places all around the establishment. The lift has audio indications. The spa offers a list of services in brail both in Spanish and English. It also has a hoisting device for the swimming pool. The restaurant menu can be obtained in brail.

What to do?

Visit to the Burgo de Osma historic centre. Trekking on the Ucero banks.
The Romanic in Soria. Vicente HERBOSA, 1999. Lancia editions, 10€ The Burgo de Osma, by Jesús ALONSO ROMERO, 1997. Ambito editions, 10€  


The Argaela restaurants cooking, combines the seasonal market ingredients together with traditional Castilian products thus obtaining very favourable results. In the Duero influence area, thus offering an extensive wine list with references of the best national and international wine cellars. The hotel has a cafeteria, restaurant, private dining rooms and a large reception room.
 Typical Products
Bacon for “torreznos”, black pudding, El Beato  pastries, “yemas” from Almazán

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