Hotel Quinta De Los Cedros

The Hotel

Tuscany in the center of Madrid. This is the way we could define this singular hotel which is hidden in a little wood of cedars, Japanese maples, magnolias and other big trees, between Chamartin and Arturo Soria. One can see the four towers, from the first floor bedroom balconies, through the branches. We seem protected from the big town, amongst the chirping of blackbirds and house sparrows. If the building evokes a Tuscan palace, the interior combines classical ambiances, somewhere house sparrow between the infallible English style in furniture and fabrics, and luminous Italian style, with big windows everywhere. The cafeteria is cosy and even private, we will talk about the restaurant later on, a reading room, used sometimes as a second lobby, surrounded by wooded gardens, and its meeting rooms placed between the view of the garden and a splendid wall created by a show case lined with books, and the view of the cedars. The rooms are classical, with modern bathrooms, and the suites are personal and generously sized. Some of them have their two spaces divided by an arch, giving the ambiance of a stately home. We are enchanted by this unique hotel, unique in Madrid, which surprises us with its style and by its ambiances. We are in one of those leading Hotels, our reference when we come to the capital.


The hole of the ground floor is accessible to wheel chairs, including the cafeteria and the restaurant, although there are no adapted rooms.  Signs for the room numbers in brail and also on the bathroom doors for people with impeded vision since 2011. In Madrid there are tourist circuits with universal access, which people with reduced mobility have accede to. They will inform you at the hotel reception desk.

What to do?

From the hotel we have the city bus to the historic and commercial centre of Madrid. In a little more than fifteen minutes we will be in the Plaza de Colon and the axis Prado-Recoletos, the area of the three main museums (Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia) and on the other side the Exhibition Centre and the airport.


The Los Cedros restaurant has always been a reference in this area of Madrid. For those who have discovered it through the trees. The new age of this classic restaurant, has Félix Celester as chef, with a high quality and creative menu in which octopus is served on slate and the scallop are mixed with pine nuts. The dining room has a bay window overlooking the garden, and when the weather is nice the tables take over the greenery. A privilege in a big town.

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