Hotel Finca Ronesa

The Hotel

People who feel burdened by the east coast beaches will be delighted with an option like Finca Ronesa, a quality hotel in generously sized grounds, between the pine groves which surround the Tibi reservoir, very close to Alicante capital. This is Elvira and her family’s life project, hotel managers because of their love for this estate at the foot of the Maigmó, one of the provinces enlightening silhouettes. We are in the land of cicadas in the summer and warm and comforting spoon dishes in winter, because in this part of Alicante, caught between sea and mountain, there are those contrasts, fresh fish or wild boar from the hunt.  The swimming pool matches the cicadas, and the library with a fire place matches the winter cooking. In both periods we enjoy this place, whose central axle is a spectacular patio covered with a no less flashy wood and glass structure, which is a challenge to gravity.  In the patio which is a splendid drawing room, a grand piano and big plants. The rooms are ample and have large windows overlooking the woods, which brings us aromas of pine trees warmed by the sun, the sound of hoopoes and royal woodpeckers. Alicante is this as well.

What to do?

The outing to Tibi reservoir is a classic, from the hotel door and in the shade of the pines. In the neighbouring Ibi, Museum of toys called ”Museu de la Joguina” with the Payá collection, patriarch of Spanish toy manufacture. Alicante capital is scarcely twenty minutes away by car. A walk through the Explanada and the Marina promenade is a must. Urban beaches are accessible to wheel chairs, and elderly people. ACCESSABILITY The hotel has a magnificent room available, with an adapted bathroom in white marble. On the ground-floor there is also an adapted communal bathroom. There are urban beaches accessible to wheel chairs and elderly people, in the town of Alicante.


Dulce (sweet) who has a gastronomic name is in charge of the cooking in the hotel, which is faithful to traditional Alicante and Mediterranean recipes. We have photographed her with her loafs of bread and her usual smile, another added value to Finca Ronesa

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