Hospedería Bajo El Cejo

The Hotel

Building a hotel in a narrow three level gully is a real merit. Rosa and Andrés have managed to do so, and we feel very welcome in this small mountain Hotel in Sierra Espuña, the roof of Murcia, where they both look after us. The great stone balls which are scattered all along the landscape of this Murcian mountain range, are sharply cut sides on the mountain. Sheltered by one of these is the Hotel, as its name indicates, Bajo el Cejo (under the sharply cut mountain) The Hotel spaces are divided in three levels, from the bottom of the gully where it is placed, up to the top. What used to be a mill, down below, is now bedrooms, meeting rooms and a living room, with a small orange grove under whose shade one seems to read better. Here there is no sound than that of the wind blowing through the leaves, that is, if there is any wind. Half way up, a cute little infinity-pool surprises us, and in the top part, the central body of the Hotel, with the reception desk, the drawing room with a fire place, breakfast room and various bedrooms. The decoration is modern and the materials are classical, terracotta floors and wooden ceilings
Sierra Espuña is not an abrupt mountain, but easily accessible for any trekking lover. A landscape of limestone walls, mastic trees, and oleanders at the bottom of the gully. In the air, rooks, and birds of prey, outstanding birds of the discreet south east mountains. We are in the land of stews, vegetable divinities and various cold cuts. We can taste it all without leaving the Hotel. Or escape to the nearby villages which surround the mountain range or kiss the Segura river along its middle.
Looking out of our bedroom window we can see the swimming pool below and further down the bottom of the gully and its little source in cold weather. Century old rural atmosphere, which contrasts with the exquisite functional decoration which we love.


The hotel has one room with adapted bathroom, as well as an access ramp from the parking lot to the swimming pool and to the main building. Brail and relief signalling, on room doors and other practical elements, for blind or low vision clients.

What to do?

We can take a few tracks through the woods so as to practice trekking or mountain bike. Canoeing in various stretches of the Segura river. Hand gliding,   speleologing, orientation. Wild mushrooms in autumn, picking aromatic herbs.
 Places To Visit
The most important cultural reference is Murcia, with its plateresque cathedral and old part of the town, a bit more than half an hour away from the Hotel by car.
- Sierra Espuña, El berro y Gebas. Roads to the nearby villages of the Alhamna of Murcia. Naturasport.  Various authors. 12€ - Discovering Sierra Espuña: 30 routes by foot or on a bicycle. Naturasport. By Angel Ortiz and Lázaro Gimenez. 20€


The hotel serves dinners to order.  Recipes of the Murcia area, vegetables, spoon dishes and good local wines with denomination of origin Yecla and Jumilla amongst others.
 Typical Products
Large blood pudding and other cold cuts, artisan vegetable preserves.

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