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The Hotel

In Granada, in the Realejo quarter, under the morning shadow of the Alhambra, we are guests of the old pilgrim hospital, on the Mozarabic pilgrimage to Santiago. One would not guess how much history this beautiful XVII th century building has witnessed, so we have found out about this unknown route to the Apostles´ town, in an oniric space. To Santiago from Moorish ground.  Gar-Anat is the old name for Granada, the builduings´ structure is at the same time, an old noble Andalusia home, and an enclosed farm yard from the Golden century, where the bedroom doors give onto. The spaces are a tribute to the stage world, each of which has the name of literary works and characters of Falla, García Lorca, Amin Maalaouf, these even have verses decorating the walls. On the ground floor, a cosy living room with a fire place, a fountain which adds rumour to the space and an exquisite courtyard where concerts are organized in summer as well as poetry reading and puppet shows. In the basement, with vaulted ceilings, is the breakfast room. The design of the rooms is an exercise of fun, and the courtyard a space of harmony. It is fantastic to coincide with one of the cultural acts which the hotel organises. A piano recital for just a few people is a privilege. From this courtyard surges an iron tree on the branches of which sprout leaves (notes) which the guests leave with thoughts of their stay in Granada: “see you soon, Gar-Anat”.


Brail signalling on room doors and communal bathrooms

What to do?

We are in Granada. You must not miss, the Alhambra, during the day and at night, because there are also night visits which make it all the more magical. If you can choose a night with full moon, all the better. In town you must visit the Cathedral and the Capilla Real (Royal Chapel). You should also shop in the Alcaicería. You will think you are in Morocco in the medina.

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