El Jardín Del Convento

The Hotel

Hervás lives immersed in the dream of the myth and reality of being the biggest Jewry in Spain. The myth is a powerful force, and we arrive at our hotel, a mid XIX th century building neighbouring the old convent of Trinitarios Descalzos, which today is only a church. With its atmosphere inviting us to thoroughly enjoy the peace and calm of this historic village in the Ambroz Valley, parallel to the Jerte and not far from the mythical Hurdes. The environment of El Jardín del Convento seems magical, and the garden which gives it it´s names could see enchanted flowers bloom, because the forest  at the top of the village is hypnotic  to contemplate from our bedroom window or from the glassed in dining room, which opens out when the heat arrives. In the summer it is glorious to breakfast with views over the orchard, laurels and flower beds wrapped up in early morning songs from a large variety of birds. In winter the delight is the warm house against the garden mildew. This is not a pretentious hotel, and in its´ exquisite simplicity we are happy. This is something which Carlos, Julia and Amós were after, they who look after their century old house with great indulgence. One only has to see consider the breakfast, in which fresh seasonal fruit is present , fresh or in the form of jams made by them with evident love and care. They are the produce of their orchard and vegetable garden: squash, tomatoes, plums, pears, cherries and peaches fill the jars and these plead as the ham does for a slice of country bread which when toasted fills the room with its aroma. A rarity of breakfast is the fresh pollen, which is collected by a apiculturist in the village, it melts in ones mouth. The bedrooms are a glory with a terrace, looking over the garden and the valley. The little house in the garden is a privilege, wrapped up in greens.


In their determination to give good service, the first room on the ground floor, which has a fireplace, has been prepared to be comfortable for clients with reduced mobility. This room has a cute adapted bathroom. Brail and relief signalling  placed in different spaces around the hotel.  

What to do?


Our favourite activity is a product of the feeling of relaxation which the garden and the house expel: reading and music, which Carlos knows a lot about. Reading almost anything. Nevertheless it is a good idea to tour the Ambroz Valley on foot, visit the old part of the village,  picking wild mushrooms or bird watching in the chestnut and oak woods. Amós himself has designed paths which he points out to us on maps in the hotel. From Hervás we can visit Plasencia, with its two cathedrals, or the Jerte Valley.

 Places To Visit

The most important cultural reference is Plasencia with its two plateresque  Cathedrals and its old part of the town, less than half an hour away from the hotel. We also recommend Granadilla (abandoned medieval walled in village, in process of restoration, 28 km away), Candelario (magnificent mountain village beautifully  preserved, 20 km away, in Salamanca) and the  Cáparra Roman remains, 30km away.
More information on www.turismodehervas.com


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The hotel only serves breakfast, with the mentioned fresh fruit, freshly made orange juice, Extremeño cheeses and ham, homemade jams, typical pastries from Hervás, country bread. In the village there are some wonderful restaurants of which the hotel can inform us.

 Typical Products

Various cold cuts, cheeses, wooden craftsmanship,  baskets woven with chestnut tree. Cherries in season.

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