Eguren Ugarte

The Hotel

To hear the name Laguardia brings back the times of the “Reconquista”, but from our bedroom window in Eguren Ugarte we can contemplate a millenary peaceful landscape, surrounded by old and new vines. Or the Victorino Eguren dream, founder of the cellar which gives its name to this remarkable hotel, Best of Wines Tourism 2010 in the accommodation category. The Hotel is part of a complex where wine is a religion, a space for sensations in which the fresh air smells of countryside where it has just rained, of gathering of grapes, or open barrel, depending on the time of year. In this sensorial Hotel the sounds accompany the smells, and on our walk around the estate the sound of bees alternates with the crackling of vine shoot as we go along. The rooms are generously sized and are a balcony over the Toloña mountain range and the neighbouring Laguardia. The unique building is built on 2000 square metres of underground labyrinths. Which fulfil what one can expect in the Rioja Alavesa grounds. We are very comfortable in this house which gives all the importance to the meaning of good service.


The hotel has the category of Touristic Accessibility by the Basque government. The spaces have no architectural barriers and it has one adapted room, restaurant menu in Brail and Native-Puntodis relief and Brail signalling in different elements like lifts, room doors and communal bathrooms and others. If for your comfort, you need a room adapted for reduced mobility or vision, please let the hotel know when you make your reservation.

What to do?

We are in one of those hotels embedded in the surroundings, which invite one to make the most of not doing anything, a slow-life, forgetting to look at the time, in the hands of a newspaper, with a glass of wine in good company. If time should ask for more, the Rioja Alavesa is full of cultural references, art, architecture and nature. One can discover it in a balloon, a quiet stroll, a bicycle trek or on horseback. Worth a mention are the business, courses and seminars, which are held in various wonderfully prepared spaces of the cellar and the hotel.
 Places To Visit
The neighbouring Laguardia, with its cobbled stone streets, is a beautiful village which rises between a sea of vineyards. Other villages on the Rioja Alavesa wine route- Labastida, Oyón, Elciego, Elvillar, Baños de Ebro, Lapuebla de Labarca, outstanding villas, cellars full of personality and in general cult to wine, of which our hotel is a clear example.
“The good wine has done to me” by Vitorino EGUREN, patriarch of our host family


The Martin Cedoya restaurant is at the same time a cult to the tradition and curiosity for creation. With both elements and a selection of wines from the area which marry reds and lamb, whites and cod the Rioja way, within a menu in which we find “piquillo” peppers filled with “perretxicos” and lots of other suggestions. The Victorino Eguren restaurant is dedicated to dinners, and is a space for creativity. The best ingredients barely cooked searching for the most genuine taste of the kind.  
 Typical Products
House wine, cheese, herbal liquor and oil.

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