Château Monfort

The Hotel

Milán clamored for a hotel which could show the Italian fashion for the Baroque and Neo Classic style as well as the Milánese fashion for design. Together with Planetaria Hotels arises this new luxurious space without compromise and colourfulll creativity. The results are the most unique hotel in the city with a magical atmosphere of a Neo Romantic castle in which each client feels like the main character in his own fictitious novel. With alcoves worthy of Caroll´s Alice as well as any corner of the restaurant, or the main stairway with its silver leaf lamps, black walls and silvery highlight. Not to mention the dreamlike creativity of its bedrooms whose description is up to each person´s interpretation. The hotel presides over the Piazza Tricolore de Milán in the elegant Monforte district next to the Duomo, the Quadrilatero de la Moda y Palazzo Reale and the Teatro La Scala. It occupies a superb residential building from the early 19th century work of architect Paolo Mezzanote, designer of the old la Bolsa building, designed and developed with every detail in the spirit of an “urban Chateau”. The refurbishment of the chateau has allowed for the creation of 77 bedrooms, 5 of them suites which in general are esthetically charming, a riot of exclusive fabrics, surprising effects and pastel colours. The main impression is that we find ourselves in a space fruit of an intense iconographic investigation, which has dived into the world of fables, translated into a marvelous opera inspiring lyrics and dance. Palatial  grandeur, and suggestive modern esthetics. Definitely, a magnificent and unique hotel.


The building structure makes wheel chair access difficult due to three steps in the lobby even though an elevator is available. Brail in embossed signage on several points around the hotel. Brail menus in the restaurant. Hearing impaired device is available to guests during their stay.

What to do?


Discover Milán which is no small order. Soon, a spa at the hotel.

 Places To Visit

The hotel is in the heart of Milán , a few minutes walking distance from the Duomo in the heart of fashion district. We have to visit the Castillo Forzasco. A must is the Duomo, the Milán cathedral an extremely impressive construction. Without forgetting the Basilica Sant´ Ambrogio beautiful X century Romanic church. The Ultima Cena de Leonardo da Vincci. The Pinacoteca de Brera. In the Quadrilatero d´Oro we find shops such as Armani, Versace, Prada, D and G. For less expensive shopping we can go to Corso Buenos Aires, Corso Ticinese or Via Torino.


- Milán- GuíaViva. ANAYA Touring. Ignacio Gómez. 2011. 7€



High end and Mediterranean in the Rubacuori Restaurant, under the supervision of Chef Pascuale Dambrosio president of Cuccina Wellness great supporter of healthy food with a stellar presence in Naples, Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Istanbul. Under his directions common cooking ingredients acquire new textures and flavor balances.

 Typical Products

The best Italian gastronomy in Peck, near the Duomo plaza, a real show. Maybe we should have included it in the “visits” because it is worth it. Fashion, shoes, bags and complements around the Duomo and the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele.

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