Casa Do Terreiro Do Poço

The Hotel

The Vila Viçosa palace, the residence of the Dukes of Bragança, who were the last kings of Portugal, left its mark on the style of the big and small houses in the region; these houses inherited the taste for the multicoloured frescoes on their walls. Borba has a few of those houses, and Terreiro do Poço is one of the best examples. As a matter of fact it is a building catalogued by the artistic inventory of Portugal.
Joâo and Rita greet us in this horizontal hotel, in the Calle de los Anticuarios, which revolves around a Mediterranean garden, the swimming pool and the building where the dining room is. Various rooms contain Asian decoration, which combines with the XIX th century environment. We have to point out the enormous royal suite with its display cabinets with large china pots in the big drawing room. The classical rooms with their characteristic frescoes, are magical, and transport us, like everywhere in the hotel, to a romantic Portugal.


As most of the hotel is at ground level it is easy to move around in, although it does not have adapted rooms. Signage in Braille and in relief in the room and the communal bathrooms. Braille book with information about the hotel and the region.

What to do?

A visit to the Borba wine Cooperative, one of the best in Portugal. In Borba are the best antique dealers and collectables in that part of the country.
 Places To Visit
Vila Viçosa Royal Palace, 4km away. Évora , Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO, which you cannot miss, is an hour away by car.


Breakfast is a trial of Rita’s good cooking, with homemade tomato, kiwi and other fruit jams. In the restaurant, between the garden and the swimming pool, traditional Portuguese and Spanish cooking is served.
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 Typical Products
Red and white wines from the Borba cooperative, ceramics and antiques.

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