Artiem Asturias

The Hotel

Where Gijón smells most of cider, not far from where one can see Villaviciosa, this singular hotel nicely breaks the surrounding green with its clean lined building, in wood, sandstone, glass and zinc. Artiem Asturias is above all a modern space which allows us, through the generously sized windows, to see the Asturian countryside, from our room or under the comforting sprays of its avant-garde spa. New age and vanguard, which successfully combine leathers and wood, with furniture of classical inspiration, noble fabrics and standard designs. With these standards Artiem Asturias bets for a perfect formula which combines leisure and work, fantastic meeting rooms, only a step away from Gijón, from the Cantabric main road and the La Ñora beach.

From our room we can contemplate the Sueve massif silhouette, (mithical mountain of the “asturcones” (asturian breed of horses) And between the mountain and us, the hotel garden.

We must also mention the parking lot which has an electric car battery recharging station which reinforces even more the philosophy of respect for the environment.
Here, between the Sueve and the sea, between greens and warm waters we have found a favourite reference for our stays in coastal Asturias.


The hotel has two rooms with adapted bathrooms; the main access to the hotel has a ramp and the ground floor has no obstacles.

What to do?

Spa treatments and circuits in the hotel itself, and  very interesting activity packages as is BAL golf Experience, Una de Sidra (a cider one) Adventure Experience, A tu aire (at your leisure) and others, which make our stay and enjoyment of the hotel and its sorroundings easier. Other activities in the area are the water sports on the coast, trekking on the Sueve massif and the Cares-Deva route or canoeing in the Sella.
 Places To Visit
We  are a short distance away from most of Asturias, seven minutes away from Gijón ten from Villaviciosa. We highly recomend the Picos de Europa National Park and Covadonga, on the mountain side, and Ribadesella, LLanes and Luanco, amongst others, by the coast.


The Green restaurant has in its kitchen a team of professionals trained by some of the best cooks in the area, and they dedicate their creative skills to give new conception to the classic gastronomy. Modern ways again. The best type of market for a high level menu.
 Typical Products
Cabrales cheese, cider, rice pudding, frixuelos....

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