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The Hotel

Time places everything where it deserves to be, and Tuscany is one of the universal icons of landscape, history, good cooking and hotels with charm. For those who wish to know the reasons for Tuscany being an icon, Il Cellese, is a hotel of totally equipped apartments, perfect so as to enable us to browse the area during a few days, having our Tuscan “home” in the countryside always available. This is an ideal option when travelling with children. Ill Cellese is the result of a magnificent renovation of a big family home belonging to Sergio Sardelli´s family, an Italo-Sevillian who does his utmost for everything to be perfect. From our windows on the first floor we contemplate, on the left hand side the Sienna´s silhouette with the unmistakable  Tower of the Piazza del Campo”, and to the right the outline of the “San Gimignano” towers, another Tuscan must. Behind us, half an hour away, is Florence. The Chianti region, which gives its name to the some of the best Italian wines, wraps around us. Even Sergio produces classic Chianti (name given to this variety) with the vines from his estate, which he bottles and sells in Italy and other European countries. Three nights a week the hotel transforms the ambiance of its garden to serve diners with a view which we would say does not change with the times. The vines, the designed fields, the cypress corridors, the houses ambassadors to their culture seem to be the same landscape in the last four centuries. There are no high tension electric nor telephone cables, no motorways, no antennas. The protection of Tuscan countryside bears its fruit, and Tuscany is now where time has placed it. Ill Cellese is exactly a balcony onto Tuscany. Our favourite hotel in many miles.


The hotel has one room adapted to wheel chairs. The silence which presides the ambience in the hotel makes our stay a sensorial experience. Web site on Tuscany:

What to do?

Visits to Sienna, San Gimignano, Pisa and Florence are the main interests. To visit this Chianti Tuscany is a great pleasure. If you like riding a bicycle, the paths between small villages are a cinematographic experience. A surprising village is Colle Val d´Elsa, with its fantastic Museum of Glass.
 Places To Visit
Apart from the classical towns of Sienna, Florence and Pisa-, which one can visit during the day, a few kilometres away from the hotel we can find other charming locations. A small fortified medieval villa, Monteriggione or Colle di Val d´Elsa, where they are, since ancient times, dedicated to the crystal industry and with a fantastic thematic museum .An obliged visit to San Gimignano in the town of Bellas Torres the historic centre of which is considered patrimony of humanity by UNESCO.
-    “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Frances Meyes (book and film) -    Florence and Tuscany. Dorling Kindersley. Eyewitness Travel Collection. 2009 – 24€


The hotel offers dinners in the garden three nights a week, with previous reservation. Italian and light Mediterranean cooking.
 Typical Products
Wines- D.O. (denomination of origin) Chianti, Vernaccia...and crystal from Colle di Val d´Elsa

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